Cremations of our time

December 3, 2009

‘12 years of dust scratch against a tattered record sleve, Yet I still hear their screams of youth, the words that spoke to me’

So we’re finally into writing the record for real.

 We’ve set our sights towards beginning some recording in late December.

Our goal is to have some new tracks finished very early 2010, possibly to be released on a split record, then completing writing the album within the following few months.

Our next show is happening Thursday December 10th at Next, Melbourne with the Omen and Jack the Stripper. This will be our last show for 2009 and our mate Brett’s last show singing for the Omen.


Master of the Craft

October 6, 2009

As Alive as Ever

October 6, 2009


We’re playing a bunch of shows to finish up the year before we start recording. Starting with this:


Other shows:

Friday November 20th at The Espy w/ First Base, Vultures & Yeah Right. Free Show!

Friday November 27th  at Switch w/ Strength Approach from Italy & Mark My Words

Thursday December 10th at NEXT w/ The Omen & Anchors

The Album

August 30, 2009

Over the next few months we’re going to start updating this blog more often with videos, photos, lyrics & live footage as we begin to write & recording our first full length record.

Tasmania with Stand Defiant

August 30, 2009


July 23, 2009

He watched the sparks just flicker bare

Into the void of…midnights stare

Her patient focus; he couldn’t return

Like staving hounds chasing a scent

Young blood will never rest

As two hearts raced each drip of sweat

She dreamed of love

He spoke of consequence

When daylight broke her mirror drew

A lonely picture of desperate truth

A portrait of a restless city’s where no one will scream

That there is a reason for hope to be

Burning like their cigarettes

A streetlight silhouette of love

Smoked her trust down to the filter

Like breathe into the winter sky

Her thoughts had taken flight

Above the steel and concrete cracks

That held her degradation

Back to those bustling high school l halls

Where the boys would sing her name as the last dance called

That stir of blood, those butterflies

Now drift by so fail,  ghosts to the night


Still she believed Love was a dream just small enough to come true



I still dream


July 23, 2009